The ProVeg Incubator Programme

Our 12-week accelerator programme offers an intensive, tailor-made curriculum, expert mentoring, and exclusive networking opportunities. Each cohort culminates in an investment-focused Startup Demo Day.

About us

ProVeg Incubator is the world’s leading Incubator of plant-based and cultured food startups. We are shaping the future of food by supporting the companies at the forefront of innovation.


Your Benefits of working with the ProVeg Incubator:

Accelerator programme:

Equip yourself with the skills, knowledge, and contacts you need to succeed.

Expert mentoring:

Learn from the pros. We’ll match you with a personal business advisor.


Get up to €250,000 in funding to build the company you want.

Industry networks:

Connect with investors, retailers, scientists, journalists, and other experts from our global networks.

Alumni community:

Join a lifelong, collaborative community of like-minded startup founders.


Use our co-working space, test kitchen, and event space in the heart of Berlin.


We’ll support your company with marketing and media work to get your name out there.


Access exclusive events, fairs, and webinars as a member of our startup alumni.

As part of the food awareness organisation, ProVeg International, we are committed to the mission of reducing global animal consumption by 50% by the year 2040.

Our Team

When you join the ProVeg Incubator, our team will become your team. We are experts in our respective fields and are dedicated to using our skills and knowledge to support you in achieving your goals.

Albrecht Wolfmeyer

Head of ProVeg Incubator

Albrecht leads the ProVeg Incubator and is responsible for building and managing the team, and developing the Incubator’s long-term strategy – including startup investment and internationalisation. He has extensive professional experience in international profit and non-profit organisations and is an expert in marketing, strategy, and project management.

Antje Räuscher

Senior Innovation and Partnerships Manager

Antje is in charge of running the accelerator programme and selecting and coaching the startups that the Incubator works with. She is a trained agricultural economist, with a focus on food security and has a Bachelor’s in International Business Management. Antje worked in business development for consulting companies, as well as startups, and in the international cooperation field before joining the Incubator.

Divya Murthy

Startup Analyst and Coach

Divya is in charge of evaluating companies to facilitate ProVeg’s startup investments. She also assesses and coaches startups during the accelerator programme. Divya is an MBA with a major in finance and has over six years of experience working with companies in strategy evaluation, due diligence, and financial modelling. Before joining the Incubator, Divya worked across roles in mergers and acquisitions consulting, corporate credit rating, and risk advisory.

Louise Cullen

Senior Marketing and Communications Manager

Louise leads the communications work for the ProVeg Incubator and supports startups in developing their marketing, branding, and PR strategies. She is a trained journalist and marketeer with a focus on strategic communications, brand development, media relations, and social media marketing. Louise worked as a journalist and then as a Communications Manager in the UK, before joining the Incubator in Berlin.

Tim-Daniel Schulz

Events and Office Manager

Tim makes sure that everything happening in the ProVeg Incubator space runs smoothly and has recently expanded into the virtual realm by developing and implementing a suite of online events and webinars. He is a trained industrial clerk and has a Bachelor’s in Language and Communication. Before joining the ProVeg Incubator, Tim worked for an events and promotion agency.

Luisa Pereira Goss

Marketing and Communications Assistant

Luisa started as a marketing intern at the ProVeg Incubator in February 2021. Her role involves content creation, social media support, event promotion, and working with startups. Luisa is Brazilian, with a background in Business Administration. She currently lives in Stuttgart, where she is working to complete a Master’s Degree in Organic Agriculture and Food Systems.

Mathilde Alexandre

Cellular Agriculture Communication Support

Alongside her role as project coordinator for the Smart Protein project, Mathilde supports the Incubator team in the communication of cellular agriculture. Mathilde studied communication and media at Sorbonne University, with a focus on cultured meat and corporate communication. She is passionate about developing a positive, transparent, and engaging discourse around cellular agriculture.

Our Mentors

Our extensive network of renowned mentors is committed to supporting you in growing an impactful and successful company.

Frank Cordesmeyer

Good Seed Ventures

Frank specialises in R&D and business development. As well as being a food scientist focusing on the development of alternative protein sources, Frank is also the Co-founder and CEO of Good Seed Ventures – a venture capital fund dedicated to supporting innovative food projects. In addition, Frank holds the position of Director of Communications Europe at the Cellular Agriculture Society – a non-profit organisation focusing on advancing the field of cellular agriculture.

Michiel van Deursen

Capital V

Michiel specialises in fundraising, marketing, and business development. Michiel has founded and scaled his own C2C tech company, had a tech incubator, and is an investor in plant-based startups, as well as a mentor to several fellow founders. As an entrepreneur and investor, Michiel focuses on plant-based companies working on materials, food, or health products and eliminating animals from the production system.

Adrian Odgers

Fidelity International

Adrian specialises in digital strategy, product and digital marketing, scaling, and business development. Adrian is an executive digital leader, angel investor, mentor, and advisory board director with over 20 years of experience working with clients such as Fidelity, Phillips, Unilever, Ogilvy, Apple, and WPP. Adrian has held global and regional roles including Managing Director for Ogilvy and Head of Global Digital Experiences for Fidelity. As an active angel investor, he has invested in startups across the US, Latin America, and Asia.

Mario Lebherz

Atlantic Food Labs

Mario specialises in finance, recruiting, and business development. Mario is a tech entrepreneur and investor in early-stage startups. As Managing Director of Atlantic Food Labs, he has funded and built over 25 food and food tech companies from cultivated meat and dairy to vertical farming to water purification. Atlantic Food Labs is Europe’s leading investment firm for food and sustainability ventures.

Kristin Rocca

Unovis Asset Management/New Crop Capital

Kristin specialises in finance, fundraising, distribution, scaling, and marketing. Kristen is passionate about the future of food and working with innovative entrepreneurs tackling some of the biggest challenges in our food system. She has over seven years of experience in operations, strategy, and sustainability, working as a consultant for large international corporations and in an operations capacity. She has also consulted with early-stage startups – providing strategic and operational advisory.

Martin Jager


Martin specialises in marketing, finance, R&D, product testing, operations, and business development. Marin has over 30 years of experience and expansive expert networks in the global food ingredients industry having previously held executive-level positions at Hoechst, BASF, and Doehler.

Mark Post

Mosa Meat

Mark specialises in R&D. Despite being the Co-founder of five startups – including the cultured meat company Mosa Meat – Mark is an academic researcher by heart. Mark is a Professor at Maastricht University in the Netherlands and is passionate about using science to tackle societal problems.

Michela Petronio

Blu1877/Barilla Group

Michela specialises in production, scaling, and R&D. She is the Vice President at Blu1877 the venture arm of Barilla Group and has a demonstrated history of working in innovation management within the food industry. Michela has a strong skill set in food technology, product development, food science, nutrition, agronomy, design thinking, and advanced laboratory and food safety research.

Want to be a mentor?

ProVeg Incubator is always looking for like-minded, mission-aligned mentors who are knowledgeable about the food space. Maybe you’re an entrepreneur who built your own company from scratch or you’re an expert in nutrition or food science? You can share your expertise with our startups via workshops, talks, or Q&As!

Want to get involved? Just write to [email protected] and tell us how you can contribute.

Our Team

Our Programme

Our Team

Our Programme