The ProVeg Incubator Programme

Our 20-week accelerator programme offers an intensive, tailor-made curriculum, expert mentoring, and exclusive networking opportunities. Each cohort culminates in an investment-focused Startup Demo Day.

About us

ProVeg Incubator is the world’s leading incubator for plant-based, fermentation and cultivated food startups. We are shaping the future of food by supporting the companies at the forefront of innovation.

Accelerator programme:

Equip yourself with the skills, knowledge, and contacts you need to succeed.

Expert mentoring:

Learn from the pros. We’ll match you with a personal business advisor.


Get up to $300,000 in funding to build the company you want.

Industry networks:

Connect with investors, retailers, scientists, journalists, and other experts from our global networks.

ProVeg Incubator alumni

Alumni community:

Join a lifelong, collaborative community of like-minded startup founders.


Use our co-working space, test kitchen, and event space in the heart of Berlin.


We’ll support your company with marketing and media work to get your name out there.


Access exclusive events, fairs, and webinars as a member of our startup alumni.

As part of the food awareness organisation, ProVeg International, we are committed to the mission of replacing 50% of animal products, globally, with plant-based and cultivated foods by 2040.

Our Team

When you join the ProVeg Incubator, our team will become your team. We are experts in our respective fields and are dedicated to using our skills and knowledge to support you in achieving your goals.

Prakrit Sachdeva

Impact Program Manager at ProVeg Incubator

Prakrit Sachdeva is Impact Program Manager (Kickstarting For Good) at ProVeg Incubator. He is an entrepreneurship, ecosystem management and hospitality expert. Prior to joining ProVeg, he was with SAP.iO and SAP and co-founded HAKS – Hospitality And Kitchen Solutions in his hometown Delhi, India. Prakrit is passionate about the world of innovation and entrepreneurship, and how innovation can be used to do good for our society and the planet.

Albrecht Wolfmeyer

Director at ProVeg Incubator

Albrecht Wolfmeyer is Director at ProVeg Incubator. He joined ProVeg International in 2018 to build and launch ProVeg Incubator, the world’s first startup program dedicated to supporting impact-driven startups developing animal-free food solutions. Prior to joining ProVeg, Albrecht took charge of marketing and communications at the World Association of German Schools Abroad (WDA), a global non-profit organization. He led research projects in collaboration with the Bertelsmann Foundation and the University of St. Gallen. As a project and marketing manager at KPMG, Albrecht focussed on key topics like high-growth markets. As co-founder of a social startup, he gathered first-hand experience as an entrepreneur. Albrecht is a mentor, juror and speaker at numerous international food-tech, investment and startup programs, competitions and events. Albrecht studied in Berlin, Toronto, Paris and Fribourg. He holds degrees in non-profit and association management from the University of Fribourg and in social sciences from the Humboldt University of Berlin. Albrecht speaks German, English, Spanish, French, and Portuguese.

Antje Räuscher

Senior Innovation, Partnerships Manager and Co-Head, ProVeg Incubator - Mentor

Antje is in charge of running the accelerator programme and selecting and coaching the startups that the Incubator works with. She is a trained agricultural economist, with a focus on food security and has a Bachelor’s in International Business Management. Antje worked in business development for consulting companies, as well as startups, and in the international cooperation field before joining the Incubator.

Hédi Farhat

Investment Associate

Hédi evaluates promising startups and coaches them throughout the period they participate at the Incubator. Hédi has an extensive background in investment and finance, he has worked for consulting companies, VC funds, and infrastructure companies. Before joining the team, he also founded a company that specialises in building startup investment theses. Hédi has an MSc. in Corporate Finance, is a Financial Modelling & Valuation Analyst® and is an all-around investment specialist.

Divya Murthy

Co-head and Investments Lead, ProVeg Incubator - Mentor

Divya is in charge of evaluating companies to facilitate ProVeg’s startup investments. She also assesses and coaches startups during the accelerator programme. Divya is an MBA with a major in finance and has over six years of experience working with companies in strategy evaluation, due diligence, and financial modelling. Before joining the Incubator, Divya worked across roles in mergers and acquisitions consulting, corporate credit rating, and risk advisory.

Vicki Sagar

Senior Marketing and Communications Manager

Gabrielle Meyer

Marketing and communication Volunteer

Alexandra Kyvik Ruiz

Program Manager

Yasmine Schrey

Event and Office Manager

Our Mentors

Our extensive network of renowned mentors is committed to supporting you in growing an impactful and successful company.

Sebastian Joy

Founder & President - ProVeg International

Sebastian Joy is the Founding President of ProVeg International, a food awareness organization working to transform the global food system by replacing conventional animal products with plant-based and cultivated alternatives. He also helped kickstart, an international alliance of over 80 NGOs working to reduce the global consumption of animals by 50% by 2040, where he served as the Executive Chair. In addition, he is Vice President of the European Vegetarian Union, a partner of V-label Ltd., a mentor at Charity Entrepreneurship, and was a lecturer in Nonprofit Management at the Berlin School of Economics and Law for several years.

Ryan Bethencourt

Wild Earth

Ryan specialises in business development. A biotech entrepreneur, investor, and one of the first leaders of the biohacker movement, Ryan is the Co-founder and CEO of Wild Earth (a biotech pet food startup), a Managing Partner at Sustainable Food Ventures, and a Co-Founder of IndieBio. As well as running his own companies, Ryan has invested in over 120 early-stage food and biotech startups, and was the first investor in Memphis Meats, Geltor, the Not Company, and Shiok Meats.

Che Green

Research & Impact Consultant at ProVeg Incubator

Che Green is a change-maker focused on ethics, sustainability, and public health. Through his work with Moonshot Collaborative (co-founder), Cultivate Insights (principal), and Faunalytics (founder), he helps advocates and sustainable businesses achieve their potential and bring about much-needed change. Che specializes in product testing, marketing, operations, research, and business development. Che is a former analyst, investment banker, and research manager with experience in developing and implementing a range of research projects.

David Benzaquen

Mission: Plant LLC

David specialises in marketing, branding, sales and distribution strategies, and business development, with a particular focus on entering the US market. David is the Founder and CEO of PlantBased Solutions, an award-winning strategic brand-management, marketing, and operations consultancy for plant-based consumer products. PlantBased Solutions has advised some of the world’s most successful alternative meat and dairy brands, including Gardein, Daiya, and Miyoko’s Kitchen. Benzaquen is also the CEO of Ocean Hugger Foods and serves as an adviser to multiple food accelerators, venture-capital funds, and startups.

Matt Tom

Matthew Tom Consulting Company LLC

Matt Tom specialises in operations, R&D, product testing, and business development. Matt has over 15 years’ experience in the food-technology space, with a particular focus on new product development and commercialisation. He has been involved in taking innovative plant-based foods to market, collaborating with companies such as PepsiCo, General Mills, Clorox, and P&G, and, more recently, with food tech startups, including Impossible Foods, Kite Hill, Hampton Creek, and Ripple Foods.

Lisa Feria

Stray Dog Capital

Lisa specialises in finance, product testing, marketing, recruiting, and business development. Lisa is the CEO of Stray Dog Capital, a venture capital firm that invests in early-stage, mission-driven alternative food companies. In her earlier career, Lisa spent over 15 years in general management, operations, and engineering at Blue Chip companies like General Mills and Procter & Gamble. Lisa has over 14 years of experience focused on food operation and consumer packaged goods and led the marketing, P&L management, and strategy for billion-dollar brands. She is also on the board of multiple portfolio companies and is a Kauffman Fellow.

David Brandes


David specialises in finance, fundraising, R&D, scaling, cellular agriculture, and business development.
David is the Co-founder of Planetary. Planetary is building critical infrastructure and IP to power the fermentation-based bioeconomy.

Gary Brenner

Brenner Pharma/Food, Aleph Farms

Gary specialises in business development. As the Founder of Brenner pharma/food Business Development Ltd, Gary is highly experienced in business strategy and development. His company is an ‎Israeli-based group that works with mature companies and startups, research ‎institutes, and multinational corporations, in all segments of health and wellness including the food and beverage industries. Gary works together with other experts to ensure that clinical protocols, regulatory pathways, ‎and intellectual property are all designed for a winning go-to-market strategy. ‎

Want to be a mentor?

ProVeg Incubator is always looking for like-minded, mission-aligned mentors who are knowledgeable about the food space. Maybe you’re an entrepreneur who built your own company from scratch or you’re an expert in nutrition or food science? You can share your expertise with our startups via workshops, talks, or Q&As!

Want to get involved? Just write to [email protected] and tell us how you can contribute.

Our Team

Our Programme

Our Team

Our Programme