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One of the first producers of plant-based meat alternatives in Russia. Greenwise has developed a range of strips, fillets, jerky, patties, and cold cuts from pea and other textured-vegetable proteins. The company’s products are on sale across more than 2,000 supermarkets in Russia.

Better Nature

Better Nature uses the process of fermentation to create meat alternatives from tempeh, producing protein without compromise. Tempeh is soya-bean based and was originally invented 300 years ago in Indonesia, where two of the Better Nature founders hail from. Better Nature wants to take this street-food staple mainstream and you can now find their products in supermarkets across the UK and online via Amazon.


Plantcraft is an alternative-meat company focused on developing plant-based deli products. The team has produced a range of pâtés and cold cuts using innovative ingredients such as green bananas and discarded grape seeds.

Meet Jack

Meet Jack is a pioneering plant-based meat company developing innovative products from unripe jackfruit – a fruit for meat lovers! The team has created a line of alternative burgers, croquettes, rendang, gyros, and the famous Dutch bitterballen (meatballs) for the food-service and retail markets.


A plant-based fish company that is tackling health and sustainability challenges in the seafood industry, Hooked’s first products are shredded alternatives to tuna and salmon that come in a variety of flavours, including lemon and pepper, chili and garlic, and smoked.


One of the first startups in the world to develop plant-based meat from peanut protein, Haofood aims to help flexitarians reduce their meat consumption without foregoing the pleasure of the meals they love. The company’s first product is a fried plant-based chicken, developed via a rigorous, scientific R&D process.


Omni is an innovative pet-food company that makes nutritionally complete products using sustainable alternative protein sources. The company aims to solve the disproportionate environmental impact and pet health problems that are related to factory-farmed and highly processed animal-based-meat diets. Thus far, the team has developed a high-protein, dog food that is 100% nutritionally balanced.

Mister Veg Food Corp

Mister Veg uses new technology and plant-based ingredients to develop meat and fish alternatives specifically designed for the Indian market. The range includes Vegiken Strips, Fishless Pomfret, Fishless Salmon, and Not Meat mince, as well as ready meals, including Butter Fegiken, Meatless Curry, and Meatless Biryani.


Exponential is a plant-based meat-and-fish company developing alternatives to traditional Mexican foods. The range boasts 10 different products including pastor, cochinita, and barbacoa, that are on sale in Mexico and in the US. The team at Exponential is also working on mycelium technology in order to further improve their products.


Eggfield develops egg alternatives for use as ingredients by food manufacturers in order to replace animal-based eggs in consumer products. The company’s first product, EggField White, is an alternative to industrial chicken egg white and is made from a blend of legumes and vegetable proteins. Eggfield is also developing a whole-egg alternative.