Join our 4-month programme for startups in order to build and scale your company

Next cohort starts on September 23rd, 2019. Deadline for applications is August 16th.

What is the ProVeg Incubator?

The ProVeg Incubator is a global food accelerator programme shaping the future of food through disruptive, plant and cell-based food solutions. As part of ProVeg International, we are committed to the 50by40 mission, to reduce global animal consumption by 50% by the year 2040. We support startups that aim to transform the global food culture with tools to create, collaborate, grow and scale ideas that replace traditional animal-based foods. Located in the global vegan capital and one of the fastest growing startup hubs in the world, our international programme creates an inspiring environment for emerging entrepreneurs to become the future plant and cell-based food market leaders. 

Why the ProVeg Incubator?

We are the first Incubator programme in the world exclusively supporting plant and cell-based food startups. As part of one of the leading food awareness organizations, ProVeg International, we are a mission-driven programme devoted to building a sustainable food future. Together with ProVeg International, we bring together equally mission-driven founders to create an environment of synergies and exchange of ideas. Our unique position connects founders to our vibrant ecosystem of investors, retailers, public institutions and non-profit organizations ready to drive the innovative ideas from our Incubator into successful businesses. 

Application Criteria

We are considering early stage and established startups from anywhere across the globe aiming to transform the global food system through:


  • Plant and cell-based proteins that replace animal-based products 
  • Strong teams with commercially viable ideas capable of large impacts
  • A marketable and scalable product that aligns with ProVeg International’s 50by40 mission

Application Process 

  • 1

    Application Submission

  • 2

    In-house or Online Interview

  • 3

    Pitch to Incubator Panel

  • 4

    Final Decision

What are our participants saying about us:

Kartik Dixit, Co-founder & CEO, ClearMeat

“The most valuable aspect of our experience at the ProVeg Incubator was the opportunity to be amongst like minded founders who have similar goals of reducing the impact of animal agriculture through sustainable, delicious and affordable food choices.”

Nicolas Hartman, Co-founder, Vly Foods

“The network that ProVeg provides is quite unique and amazing to solve all kinds of problems that a young company faces.”

Julia Marsel, Co-founder, Greenwise

“The ProVeg Incubator became a milestone of growth for us, since every workshop and event allowed us to gain lots of experience, broadened our horizons and fast-tracked our food market entry.”

Christopher Kong, Co-founder & CEO, Better Nature

“The ProVeg Incubator is perhaps one of the world’s best connected incubators in the plant-based industry today. The largest gain that I received from the ProVeg Incubator was introductions to mentors that truly care about the success of my business and investors that want to support my mission.”