Our Mentors

Benefit from working with experienced mentors from the food industry, as well as the scientific community, charities, and consulting agencies.

Meet our mentors

Lisa Feria
Stray Dog Capital

Kathi Hendrick
Peer Insight

Dr. Jan Wirsam
Hochschule für Technik und Wirtschaft Berlin

Daniel Karsevar
PlantBased Solutions

Rich Kelleman

Matt Tom
Matthew Tom Consulting Company LLC

David Benzaquen
Ocean Hugger Foods, Inc.

Stephanie Downs
Hungry Planet

Marco Vega

Stefanie Rätker
Business Coach

Måns Ullerstam
Kale Invest

Bob Kodrzycki
Encompass Biotech LLC

Jörn Gutowski

Linda Obregon

Nick Martin Willer

Andreea Carmen Peptu
Customer Experience Supervisor

Thomas Starz
Plant B

Oliver Schenkmann
Sunflower Family

Galina Hale
Federal Reserve Bank of SF

Dr. Martin Jager

Eric Abhyankar

Sebastian Joy
ProVeg International

Jasmin Maiwald
Govinda Natur GmbH

Che Green
Cultivate Insights

Andy Hamer

Matthias Rohra
ProVeg International

Kati Radloff
Freelance Consultant

Riccardo Astolfi
Euro Company

Mark Post
Mosa Meat

Tatiana von Rheinbaben
ProVeg Incubator

David Meyer

Jan Bredack

Pascal Heymann
Berlin Speaking

Carly Souther
Creditinfo Group

Jan Daniel Fritz
Saucen Kontor GmbH

Ryan Bethencourt
Wild Earth Inc.

Frohman Anderson
EverHope Capital

Ronen Bar

Holly Doran
ProVeg International

Tobias Teufer

Peter Link

Julia Schneider
ProVeg International

Steve Molino
Unovis Partners

Shaked Regev
Simple Foods

Samantha Laliberte
Freedom Lifestyle

Viktor Maciag
Mission Barns

Devon Fritz
Founders Pledge

Richard Min
Startup Seoul

Elliot Roth
Spira Inc.

Frank Cordesmeyer
Bühler Group

Jared Schachter
Freelance Consultant

Mario Lebherz
Atlantic Food Labs

Want to be a mentor at the ProVeg Incubator?

The ProVeg Incubator is always looking for like-minded, mission-aligned mentors who are knowledgeable about the food space and believe that a plant-based diet is the future. We are looking for entrepreneurs/company builders with experience in creating food businesses and industry experts in different fields like nutrition, microbiology and other food sciences. You can share your expertise with our batch in the form of workshops and talks held at our incubator.

Think you can help? Please write to incubator@proveg.com and tell us how you would like to contribute to our cause.