Meet our latest batch of startups

At the ProVeg Incubator, we work with two cohorts of pioneering startups each year, supporting them to develop and market innovative and disruptive new products and solutions. Today (27 April), we are officially launching our fourth batch of startups. Due to Covid-19, we will be hosting this cohort completely online. Read on to meet the startups.

Today is an exciting day at the ProVeg Incubator. Ten new startups from across the globe are (virtually) joining our accelerator programme. We’ll be working with the founders of these companies extremely closely over the coming three months. The purpose is supporting them in taking their businesses to the next level.

Selected from a record number of applications, the startups are working on unique and diverse products and food solutions, from jackfruit meat alternatives to plant-based baby food and fermented dairy products. However, they are united by a common goal: to disrupt the global food system. So, without further ado, here they are!

Meet the startups 

Hooked: Hooked is a plant-based seafood company that Emil Wasteson and Tom Johansson founded in Stockholm, Sweden. The first products they have developed are shredded tuna and salmon. The team at Hooked is tackling health and sustainability challenges in the seafood industry by offering nutritious, healthy, plant-based alternatives.

The founders of Hooked Seafood, Emil Wasteson and Tom Johansson

Meet Jack: Founded by Marjolein Pleune and Kaline Van Halder (pictured in main image), Meet Jack is an alternative meat company from Haarlem in the Netherlands. Their products are based on jackfruit, with their range including Dutch meatballs, croquettes, and burgers. Jackfruit has a naturally meaty texture and doesn’t require any chemicals to grow.

Zveetz: An impact-driven, smart-food company that focuses on sugar-free plant-based desserts, Zveetz was founded by Christian Krause and Vishal Kawatra in Berlin, Germany. The duo founded their startup after battling personal and family health issues due to the overconsumption of sugar. Their first line of products is a plant-based mousse range.

Devon Garden: Devon Garden is an alternative-dairy company founded by Cesar Torres in Exeter, England. The startup has developed a plant-based pea milk and is working on protein extraction methods to create sustainable, new alternatives to dairy products without the cow.

I Love You Veggie Much: Producers of organic, plant-based baby food optimised to meet the nutritional needs of infants and toddlers, I Love You Veggie Much was founded by Susanne Komorek and Darja Pilz in Berlin, Germany. The company’s flagship product will be a cereal-based breakfast meal for youngsters aged 6-24 months.

Wholyfood: Wholyfood develops and sells its own range of plant-based bowls, dips, and sauces –  including mayonnaise, tzatziki, sour cream, and pesto – for food service. The startup was founded by Anthony and Adrien Masseli, Julien Amsellem, and Camille Tomat in Paris, France.

Time to leave Europe…

Heuros: Founded by Nick Beaumont, Heuros is a cellular-agriculture startup from Brisbane, Australia. The team has developed a growth medium free from animal ingredients and genetic engineering or modification. It can be used to grow cultured meat and poultry. Heuros will supply its medium to producers of cultured meat and will also develop its own line of products in-house.

The founders of I Love You Veggie Much, Susanne Komorek and Darja Pilz

The Live Green Co: Founded by Priyanka Srinivas and Sasikanth Chemalamudi in Chile, The Live Green Co uses smart technology for the development of plant-based products. The aim is to make plant-based foods healthier, tastier, and more sustainable using biotechnology and machine learning.

Mister Veg: Producers of textured meat and seafood alternatives that have a focus on nutrition, taste, and sustainability, Mister Veg was founded by Simarjeet Singh and Rupinder Singh in Faridabad, India. Their products are available both as ready meals and as base ingredients such as plant-based mince and salmon.

Remilk: Remilk uses precision fermentation to create dairy proteins for the production of alternative dairy products. Aviv Wolff and Ori Cohavi founded the company in Tel Aviv, Israel. The team at Remilk is passionate about developing quality products using animal-free processes.

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