How we’re standing up for startups

Stay informed. In this update, we talk about our upcoming cohort of startups, how we’ll be supporting them through these challenging months, and what we’ll be doing to play our part in flattening the curve.

Coronavirus is having a huge global impact. Everyone is feeling the effect in one way or another. For some, that’s in a professional capacity, for others, it’s more noticeable in their personal lives. For many, it’s present in both of these spheres.

At the Incubator, our team switched to working from home a few weeks ago and since then we have definitely found our groove, but there are challenges too. For established businesses and startups, this is a particularly difficult and uncertain time. As a startup incubator, it’s our job to provide stability, to help founders navigate hurdles, adapt to the situation and to enable them to build, grow, and push forward under adversity.

So, that’s exactly what we’re going to do. We’ve had to tweak and update our plans for the coming months, but we’re all in the same boat there. It can be tough, but it can be exciting too. We’re finding new ways of working and new opportunities to engage with people that we hadn’t always focused on before. Read on to find out how we’ll be handling our next cohort of startups in the coming months.

Working from home presents challenges but also plenty of new opportunities

First, some good news

You might remember, we recently ran a campaign searching for startups to join ProVeg Incubator in our spring cohort. We are delighted to say that we received a record number of applications! At a time like this, it’s inspiring for us to see such a large number of people working to have a positive impact on the world.

At ProVeg Incubator, our goal is to support plant-based and cultured food startups that have the potential to significantly impact the global food system. Our team has spent the last month studying all of the applications we received from exciting and innovative startups. We’ve been speaking with founders from all over the world, listening to business pitches, and taking on the tough task of coming up with a shortlist.

We have now selected ten pioneering startups to join our fourth cohort. The group originates from nine different countries and represents a whole range of innovative, new product types and services. We can’t tell you who they are just yet, but we are really looking forward to sharing that list soon!

The digital cohort 

Due to the ongoing global situation with coronavirus, we have decided to move our spring 2020 cohort of startups online. Emerging companies are facing new challenges during this difficult time and need our support more than ever. It’s therefore important for us to keep the Incubator functioning as normally as we can.

Our top priority is providing the best support possible while keeping everyone safe. By hosting our upcoming three-month accelerator programme online, we can continue to support startups with the training, mentoring, and networking they need to grow their businesses. We’ll just be doing it from the relative comfort of our own homes. We’re also lucky enough to live in a time where digital technology makes this totally feasible. We’re looking at you, Zoom.

By moving our programme online, startup founders, mentors, and the Incubator team can avoid international travel and continue to comply with regulations to help flatten the curve. We’re already in the midst of planning a host of digital events, workshops, and networking opportunities and can’t wait to share them with our startups. The new cohort will officially start with us (from afar) on Monday 27 April.

In the coming months, we’ll publish content on this blog and in our newsletter to help startups during this tough time and beyond. Signing up for our email updates is quick and easy and we only include the best bits – promise. Just scroll down to the bottom of this page.

Stay safe,

Your ProVeg Incubator team.

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