Fat from cultivated beef and pork will take plant-based meat to the next level

Hybrid food tech makes plant-based meat taste like traditional meat 

Cultimate Foods, a leading innovator in the plant-based food industry, has showcased its groundbreaking new plant-based meat ingredient, CultiFat, in the kitchens of ProVeg Incubator, a startup accelerator for the alternative protein industry.

The taste test at ProVeg Incubator in Berlin was followed by another tasting, last week, at a venture capital company, also in Berlin, giving the finance world a flavoursome insight into Cultimate’s offering.

CultiFat is derived from cell-cultivated intramuscular beef or pork fat, known for its revered white marbling found in high-quality meats like Wagyu beef. This unique intramuscular fat possesses distinct fatty acids that contribute to an unparalleled taste and aroma.

The functional ingredient developed by Cultimate Foods has the capability to substitute traditional flavoring, coconut oil, and even methylcellulose, elevating the taste and flavor of plant-based meats to a level that rivals traditional meat.

Albrecht Wolfmeyer, Director of the ProVeg Incubator, said: “This is a game-changing functional ingredient that can help transform the plant-based meat category. We’re excited to see what the team has achieved already and what’s next in terms of research, product development and commercialisation. We’re here to support them all the way.”

Cellular technology 

Through their proprietary cellular agriculture technology, Cultimate Foods has successfully replicated the lipid profile of intramuscular fat, allowing for precise control over the fatty acid composition of their animal fat cells. By incorporating specialized fat cells, the company has succeeded in creating a taste profile that rivals the richness and savory experience of traditional meats.

“It genuinely and intensely tasted like the beef burgers I haven’t eaten in years,” Julia Martin, Programme Manager and Scientific Lead at the ProVeg Incubator, said during a taste test at the Berlin offices of ProVeg.

Marlana Malerich, a writer and Community Manager at Protein Directory, referred to the new ingredient as a “monumental achievement”.

Cultimate Foods aims to revolutionize the plant-based meat industry by supplying their groundbreaking ingredient to food companies specializing in plant-based meat products.

With Cultimate’s solution, companies can create hybrid meat alternative products that combine the best of both plant-based and cultivated ingredients.

This approach has already gained significant traction in the market, as demonstrated by the success of Good Meat’s chicken nuggets in Singapore. Hybrid solutions cater to the discerning palate of meat eaters, positioning them as the dominant force in the market for the next decade until 100%-cultivated products become industrially viable.

“Cultimate’s ingredient is a game-changer in the plant-based meat industry,” George Zheleznyi, Founder and CEO of Cultimate Foods, said.

“We have successfully harnessed the power of science and technology to bring an authentic meat taste to plant-based products. This breakthrough will delight meat lovers while furthering the global transition towards sustainable and ethical food choices,” Zheleznyi said.

Cultimate Foods continues to push the boundaries of alternative protein innovation, driving the industry forward with their revolutionary ingredient, CultiFat.

Cultimate Foods took part in the ProVeg Incubator’s 8th cohort in 2022. The organisation is now accepting applications for its 11th cohort and the deadline for applications is 28 July. Find out more about the ProVeg Incubator at www.provegincubator.com .


Notes to Editors

For media inquiries, contact George Zheleznyi, Founder&CEO of Cultimate Food, at [email protected]

For more general information about Cultimate Foods and their transformative products, please visit www.cultimatefoods.com.

For media inquires about ProVeg Incubator email Vicki Sagar at [email protected].

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