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Are you a food innovator with a passion for plant-based nutrition or cultured food? If so, then maybe you are just who we are looking for! We will be recruiting up to 10 innovative companies to join our next cohort of startups and you can apply now. Are you a good fit for the role? Let’s find out…

Who you’ll work with: ProVeg Incubator

Where you’ll work: Remote + Berlin, Germany (optional)

What you’ll earn: up to €200,000

Applications: ongoing

Apply: Fill in the application

Role description

We are looking for innovative, highly motivated founders to join our next cohort of startups at the ProVeg Incubator. Your startup should be focused on plant, fungi, or recombinant food products or solutions, or cellular agriculture.

It’s important that your company has the potential to remove animals from the food system. This means, for example, replacing conventional animal-based products, rather than your products simply being plant-based.

If selected for the Incubator, you will join our three-month accelerator programme and will need to work hard to build and improve your company. In return, we’ll support you with all of the tools, skills, and contacts you need to succeed.

The ProVeg Incubator is the world’s leading Incubator for plant-based and cultured food startups. Since its launch in November 2018, our team has worked with more than 50 startups from around the world, helping them to raise more than €30million and launch over 70 products.

Your profile

  • You are the founder or co-founder of a food or beverage startup working with plant-based, fermentation, or cultured food products and solutions.
  • Your startup is dedicated to the mission of reducing the global consumption of animals.
  • You are working on an idea that could replace conventional animal-based products or services and has the potential to have a major impact.
  • Your startup has a sound business model that is impactfull, scalable, defensible, and backed by a stellar team.
  • You are passionate, hard-working, and ambitious.

What we offer

  • A three-month, tailor-made accelerator programme based in Europe’s startup capital.
  • Up to €200,000 in funding.
  • One-on-one mentoring from leading food industry experts.
  • Access to our extensive professional networks of investors, mentors, and other industry experts.
  • Lifelong membership of our startup alumni community, as well as the opportunity to collaborate with fellow founders in your cohort.
  • Exclusive workshops, talks, events, investor introductions, and the use of ProVeg services such as V-label certification and our research department.
  • Access to our large, open-plan co-working space and test kitchen in the heart of Berlin.
  • Marketing and PR support for your startup and promotion via the ProVeg Incubator channels.
  • Fresh fruits and a daily plant-based lunch. We’ll also invite you to play ping-pong and kicker with us!


  • Active participation in the three-month ProVeg Incubator accelerator programme. At least one founder must also be available to attend the online activities of the programme.
  • We conduct the programme in English. This doesn’t have to be your first language, but you will require a good level of understanding.
  • Once the programme is complete, you will join our lifelong Incubator alumni community. We may call on you from time to time to support future startups that we work with. It’s not really a requirement, but it would be nice if you did.

How to apply

This is the easy part. To apply to join our next cohort of startups, all you have to do is fill in the application form on our website.

If you have any questions, check out our FAQ section. If there’s anything else you need to know, please feel free to get in touch with us on social media or via email. We’d be more than happy to hear from you. Good luck with your application!

– Your Incubator Team

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