Internal (Business) Operations Manager

Location: Hamburg, Germany
Job category: Operations
Open until filled
Job description:
  • Your contributions as an internal operations manager are fundamentally important for Mushlabs to remain a high-performing and well-coordinated organization while growing at an extremely high rate
  • Lead the way, in collaboration with management, in developing, adapting, implementing and optimizing
    1. structures and governance models to ensure timely and high quality decision-making throughout the organization
    2. processes to optimize the daily flow of information and activities
    3. innovative ways of working to enable our teams living up to their fullest potential
    4. procedures, standards and best practices to continuously improve performance across the organization
    5. reportings to allow for critical information to reach decision-makers in the relevant quality and level of detail
    6. controls to ensure risks are adequately managed
  • Drive cross-functional projects end-to-end
    1. As project manager for projects led by internal operations, incl. for the CFO and Head of People
    2. As central point of contact for the whole project portfolio, supporting management in following up on, tracking and pushing the organizational project portfolio to a successful implementation
  • Support management in following up on the implementation of high priority tasks across the organization
  • Collaborate in a cross functional team environment on a daily basis and interact with management
  • From the first day on, you will assume responsibility and take ownership of your own projects