Investors & Partners

Our Investors:

The ProVeg Incubator has built a network of investors aligned with ProVeg’s mission. Startups looking for investment or co-funding enter the incubator program to present their goals to investors. Throughout our program, we help and guide startups to ensure the final pitch has the qualities investors are looking for.

Following the pitch night, investment deals can be made within the incubator. Since the exact equity or funds are up to the parties involved, ProVeg does not take part in the deals. Investors are a part of our network, they are there to assist, evaluate and pivot businesses towards success.

Our Partners:

At the ProVeg Incubator, our 50by40 Mission is our goal and in order to achieve this mission we need to support sustainable partnerships that will help drive the innovative ideas from our incubator to become successful businesses. Thus, we have established a network of partnerships who share our passion in transforming the global food landscape. We see the benefits of synergy and the emphasis of growth through community.

Our partners include:

  • Leading retail chains, due to relationships we’ve built because of our V-label services.
  • Chefs and restaurant partners as a part of our food services program.
  • Food fairs, corporate catering partnerships through our corporate outreach efforts.
  • Partnerships with local delivery services and ecommerce companies.

Our partners are a part of our growing community that invest in future businesses and  innovative products. As a result, they support the economy of new ideas that align with our mission.

Our job is to connect startups with the right match to establish relationships and collaboration. A glimpse of the advantages of our partnerships include the direct reflection of relevant insights in market trends for partners and the strategy expansion and inclusion for startups.

In short, our incubator is the place where we meet upon mutual interest and strive to achieve our goals with common support under the same roof. We maintain our fruitful partnerships through our workshops, events, and the established non-profit ProVeg international platform.

Along with the ProVeg Incubator partnerships, we are hoping to gain a deeper understanding of how to transform the global food culture and scale businesses globally.

Above all, we at the ProVeg Incubator plan to create a foundation for growth for the future of global food.

Contact Us:

If you are interested in becoming a partner or an investor for the ProVeg Incubator, please write