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Why startups should join New Food Invest

New Food Invest is the world’s first digital conference focusing on investment in the alternative-protein and sustainable-food industries. Launched by ProVeg and Beyond Animal, this global event will connect founders and investors who are transforming the food industry. Read on to find out why you should get involved.

The global plant-based-protein market is estimated to be worth $10.3 billion. There’s no doubt that this is a lucrative and growing industry. In fact, we’d be so bold as to say that there has never been a better time to raise money for your food startup.

Investors the world over are keen to get in on the action. In just the first three months of 2020, plant-based companies in the US raised a whopping $741 million. However, that doesn’t mean your road to investment will be a (plant-based) cakewalk.

With increasing interest comes increasing competition. There are loads of entrepreneurs out there competing to secure financial backing. Even just getting in front of the right investors can be challenging.

This is why we at ProVeg, together with our friends at Beyond Animal, are launching New Food Invest. We want to help founders and investors to connect and work together in order to do more good in the world.

NFI, which takes place on 18 March, is the first virtual conference to focus on connecting startups, investors, and industry players from the world of food and food tech. We spoke with Claire Smith, the Founding Director of Beyond Animal, ahead of the event.

Claire, why did ProVeg and Beyond Animal create NFI?

“The subject of why and how to invest in this area needed to be covered – particularly in light of the number of startups looking for investment and the increasing number of investors starting to look at this area. New Food Invest aims to bring these groups together to enjoy educational and inspiring content and benefit from actionable investment opportunities”.

Innovations from the likes of Beyond Meat and Impossible paved the way for success in this market. Photo credit: Beyond Meat

What are the benefits for startups?

“18 startups will have the opportunity to pitch to the pre-approved, mission-driven investors attending NFI. Investors will be able to view not only the pitches of the startups but also additional deal documentation, in the secure deal room Funding by Beyond Animal.

“This means that startups will benefit from connecting with a pool of high-quality investors without having to reach out to them all individually. In effect, the bulk of the fundraising process has already been facilitated. Startups can also be confident that they are dealing with qualified and motivated investors.”

What are the benefits for investors?

“By participating in the conference, investors will receive high-quality information from industry-leading CEOs and other experienced investors, as well as experts in finance, investment, food-tech, and industrial scaling.

“In addition, the startup pitches and additional deal-related documentation will be available to view in the Funding by Beyond Animal deal room. This means that investors will have a clear call-to-action. They can also readily undertake the steps required for investment, should they wish to do so.”

Who will be attending? Give us some programme highlights

  • Cellular agriculture and plant-based food: Josh Tetrick (EatJUST)
  • Plant-based US: Seth Goldman (Beyond Meat)
  • Plant-based Europe: Heather Mills (VBites)
  • Global venture firms: Rob Appleby (Cibus Fund), Alex Behar (Cultivian Sandbox), and Eric Archambeau (Astanor Capital)
  • Cellular aquaculture: Lou Cooperhouse (Blue Nalu)

Startup Blue Farm pitching at the ProVeg Incubator

Why are events like this important, especially in the context of the pandemic?

“Due to the ongoing pandemic, all physical events have had to be cancelled. This is impeding networking opportunities and the due diligence processes that are necessary to complete investment deals.

“Online events are therefore essential to continue making connections between startups and investors. With the stellar speaker list and actionable investment opportunities that New Food Invest is providing, we hope to fill that gap.”

NFI: all the details 

New Food Invest focuses on inclusivity, connection, and quality. The conference covers three key time zones in a single day. With one ticket, you can access over 12 hours of programming across Asia, Australasia, Europe, the Middle East, and the Americas.

When: 18 March 2021, across multiple time-zones (Europe, Africa, the Americas, Asia).

Where: Online

Hosts: ProVeg and Beyond Animal

Sign up: 

With four networking sessions built into the programme (before, between, and after the main sessions), there is ample time to connect with industry professionals at NFI. What’s more, all of the investors attending the event will be pre-approved in order to ensure a good fit for suitable food and food-tech startups.

New Food Invest is where innovation meets investment. This virtual one-day conference takes place on 18 March 2021 and will be hosted by ProVeg and Beyond Animal. Don’t miss this opportunity to be involved. Get more information and register today.

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