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Incubator Opening Night!

Want to join? Spots are limited so this is an invite-only event! Write to us at and we may be able to get you a spot!

BY ProVeg Incubator, 09 Oct 2018

Navigating the Blue Ocean Strategy for Startups

What is Blue Ocean Strategy? What do you think of when you hear Blue Ocean? Maybe you are imagining a nice island vacation, cruising on a yacht, or maybe …. solitude. How does Blue Ocean translate to business startups? Companies use Blue Ocean Strategy to create an uncontested market space. A space that does not Read More…

BY ProVeg Incubator, 07 Sep 2018

What Can an Incubator Do For Your Business Idea?

Entrepreneurs know it is scary and intimidating to put ideas in the open among millions of critics. They are not alone. All ideas face hardship, and the more we share the further we will develop as a society.  More ideas and more critics result in innovation. When deciding to join an incubator, the choice is Read More…

BY ProVeg Incubator, 07 Sep 2018